Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mixed media

1. How did you show amusement and variety in your piece? Explain your choice of subject matter and how you created a unified piece of art. I showed amusement because it glows in the dark and he's a vampire!

2. Describe your experience with using mixed media. What mixed media did you use for your piece? I used didn't types of paint and paper and his actual dog tag and stickers . 

3. What role did our lessons on visual journaling play in the success of your piece? Explain. It taught me to become a better painter and have a lot of cool ideas 

4. Discuss any challenges you experienced and how you overcame obstacles. PAinting the dog was the hardest because i wanted to show a lot of detail and value !  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sticky situation

1. Explain how you developed your ideas for "Sticky Situation". I was thinking of doing lip gloss and then I thought of honey! 

2. Were you able to think outside the box when you were thinking about ideas? Yes that's why I used different colors to paint the honey and the honey jars .

3. You were to incorporate repetition, rhytnm or pattern. How did you accomplish this? I used the same size , and color of honey bees.

4. Describe your choice of media (acrylic, watercolor) and your challenges and successes while using it. I had to mix a lot of colors to get what I wanted . And it wouldn't cover every good i tried to do one color .

5. How important were the mini lessons to the success of your final product? They were really good helped me a lot ! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

upclose and personal!!!!!!!!

1. Upclose and Personal was our theme. How did you develop your ideas for this project and why did you choose your subject? Because playing fetch with my dog and the idea came up at my face and i thought of the idea. i chose this subject because i love my dog
2. How did you demonstrate Emphasis in your work?
the fur shows the the emphasis and the purple background shows the face more
3. What medium did you decide to use and why did you choose this medium over the others? Discuss how it enhances your piece.
i chose the colored pencils because it shows more detail and its easy to use
We encourage risk taking in art. Risk taking can be as simple as trying a new technique or learning about a new medium to as complex as trying something totally new.
this is the first time i have drawn my own dog
4.. Did you take any risks with this project? Explain.
drawing animals
5. Of the 5 characteristics of great art (technique, concept, emotion, new, medium) which did you include in your art?
emotion, medium, new, concept

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

whats the point

 What where some of your solutions to Text as an Element? 

2. Which solution did you chose and why?
    3. How did you incorporate Text in your work?
    4. What medium did you decide to use? Why did you choose this medium over the others?
    5. What techniques did you use to create this work?
     I used different amounts of shading lights and darks.